Casual Timing Game, Slashing Samurai, is Here!

Push beyond the limits of your dynamic visual acuity! Let a samurai to slice falling objects mid-air! Thrilling and addictive casual timing game – Can play now!


This is a exciting timing game! In each stage, a single object (a donut, a stuffed animal, a tomato, a bicycle, a statue, and more from different eras and places!) falls from the sky. Using touch-and-release controls, make the pixelated samurai jump and skillfully cut the falling item to clear the stage.

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Easy Controls!

The basic controls during gameplay involve simply touching and releasing the screen, making it incredibly easy.

Slashing Samurai shot1
Slashing Samurai shot2

Here are the specific steps:

  1. When an item falls from the sky, touch the screen at the right moment to make the samurai jump.
  2. While holding the screen, the samurai ascends to a certain height.
  3. Quickly release your finger when an item is in front of the samurai. Successfully timing the release allows you to cut the falling
    item and clear the stage.

Exhilarating Moment of Object Severance!

Slashing Samurai shot3

The samurai’s sword skills are top-notch, often leaving the severed item unaware for a moment. The sight of finely chopped items separating in an instant is incredibly exhilarating.

Can Retry Quickly As You Failed!

Slashing Samurai shot4

Failure happens to everyone. When you fail, you want to retry as quickly as possible. In “Slashing Samurai,” you can retry immediately even if you fail, so you won’t experience stress from loading times or excessive advertisements.

Amusing (Maybe) Musings of the Samurai!

Slashing Samurai shot5

Objects summoned as falling items may not exist in the samurai’s time or country. Just before each stage, the samurai shares a humorous remark about these items. These musings are amusing, but humor varies, so feel free to hide them if they don’t suit your taste.

Collectible Object Records to Fuel Your Ambition!

Slashing Samurai shot6

After clearing each stage, records of the fallen items are added. From the stage selection screen, you can review information about the fallen items from stages you’ve cleared.

Over 200 Playable Stages!

Slashing Samurai shot7

With levels ranging from 1 to 10, each with 20 stages, enjoy a total of 200 stages. While early stages are relatively easy, as the levels increase, the difficulty gradually rises, providing a satisfying challenge. Even if you fail, you can instantly retry, ensuring a stress-free experience.

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