Introducing a Mobile Game, Lovely Solitaire!

When it comes to solitaire (Klondike), it’s the king of classic one-player card games, and now, introducing the mobile game “Lovely Solitaire” available on the App Store! With its chic user interface, you can exude a sense of style even while playing on the train! (Or so we hope?) New to the game? Don’t worry, you can learn the rules and tips from the “How to Play” section in the game!

What Makes It Lovely?

The pastel-colored UI and pixel art card designs make it lovely! Plus, the music is incredibly cool, the sound effects when moving cards are satisfying, making it lovely! So, be sure to turn on the sound while playing! Also, the trailing effect when dragging cards and the ability to automatically move cards with taps (isn’t that normal?), the support for Apple’s Game Center (also normal?), well, if you find all these trivial things lovely, then you must be lovely too!

Lovely Solitaire shot1
Lovely Solitaire shot2
Lovely Solitaire shot3

Free Download!

You can access the page of “Lovely Solitaire” on the App Store from the banner below! It’s free to download, so give it a try!

For detailed information about device compatibility and more, please check the App Store.

Privacy Policy

You can review the privacy policy of the mobile game “Lovely Solitaire” at the following link.
Privacy Policy