🕹️ Mobile Game - Quick Hand Poker

Icon of the mobile game 'Quick Hand Poker' ©︎ 2024 peanuts code

This is poker turned into a falling object game! Poker, a table game loved by many in casinos, has been reborn as a falling object game! It’s called “Quick Hand Poker”! Quickly touch five objects on the screen that combine the suit and rank of playing cards to form poker hands! Aim for a high score within the time limit! Even if it’s your first time playing, don’t worry. The rules and hands of the game can be easily checked within the game! Your browser does not support the video tag. What kind of game is Quick Hand Poker? Easy operation!...

2024-07-10 · 2 min · Gobo

🕹️ Lovely Solitaire

Icon of the Lovely Solitaire mobile game ©︎ 2043 peanuts code

Introducing a Mobile Game, Lovely Solitaire! When it comes to solitaire (Klondike), it’s the king of classic one-player card games, and now, introducing the mobile game “Lovely Solitaire” available on the App Store! With its chic user interface, you can exude a sense of style even while playing on the train! (Or so we hope?) New to the game? Don’t worry, you can learn the rules and tips from the “How to Play” section in the game! Your browser does not support the video tag. What Makes It Lovely? The pastel-colored UI and pixel art card designs make it lovely! Plus, the music is incredibly cool, the sound effects when moving cards are satisfying, making it lovely!...

2024-04-03 · 2 min · Gobo

🕹️ Slashing Samurai

Slashing Samurai game app icon ©︎ 2023 peanuts code

Casual Timing Game, Slashing Samurai, is Here! Push beyond the limits of your dynamic visual acuity! Let a samurai to slice falling objects mid-air! Thrilling and addictive casual timing game – Can play now! Your browser does not support the video tag. Overview This is a exciting timing game! In each stage, a single object (a donut, a stuffed animal, a tomato, a bicycle, a statue, and more from different eras and places!) falls from the sky. Using touch-and-release controls, make the pixelated samurai jump and skillfully cut the falling item to clear the stage. Download on App Store for free Slashing Samurai is available for free download on the App Store....

2023-11-30 · 3 min · Gobo