Switching Sound Resources by Script in Godot3

Switching Sound Resources by Script in Godot3

This article explains how to switch between and play multiple sound resources (music and sound effect files) with a single “AudioStreamPlayer” node. Basically, only one sound resource can be set per “AudioStreamPlayer” node. In other words, you must add “AudioStreamPlayer” nodes in the scene tree for each sound resource. You may feel useless in a situation where there are multiple nodes in the scene tree with the same settings except for the sound resource (as shown in the screenshot below), and you may also feel a little uncomfortable with the lack of visibility in the scene dock. So, if you...

2022-10-19 · 3 min · Gobo

Animation State Machine in Godot3

Animation State Machine in Godot3

This article describes an implementation of an animated state machine for a 2D game. A state machine controls the transition of an object from one state to another. There are several restrictions on state transitions, such as when an object can only transition from one state to a limited number of states, or when an object can only transition to the next state after the current animation ends. For example, “idle” and “run” can transition immediately in both directions, but “idle” to “attack” can transition immediately, but “attack” to “run” cannot, and “attack” to “idle” can transition only after the...

2022-10-14 · 5 min · Gobo

2D Hit Detection for Melee Attacks in Godot3

2D Melee Attacks in Godot3

This article introduces a method for implementing simple hit detection for melee attacks in 2D games. This is a commonly used method where the object to attack (e.g., player character) has a collision shape (called “Hit Box”) that is only active during the attack, and the object to be attacked (e.g., enemy character, destructible barrels, crates, grass, etc.) has a collision shape (called “Hurt Box). The hit judgment of the attack can be implemented by enabling/disabling the Hit Box and Hurt Box, and changing their size and position in accordance with the animation of the attack. This is relatively easy...

2022-10-05 · 6 min · Gobo

2D Grid Based Path Finding in Godot3

2D Grid Based Path Finding in Godot3

This article is a tutorial on how to implement grid-based path finding in 2D games using the AStar algorithm. For 2D pathfinding that is not grid-based, please refer to the article 2D Path Finding in Godot3 . I hope you will choose the article that best suits the game you want to make. The final project file in this tutorial is located in the GitHub repository . After downloading and extracting the .zip file, you can import the “project.godot” file into the Godot Engine to see the project directly. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version) Environment Godot version: 3.5 Computer OS:...

2022-09-22 · 6 min · Gobo

2D Path Finding in Godot3

2D Path Finding in Godot

This tutorial introduces Path Finding in 2D games. Path finding is a function that determines the shortest possible path from an object to its destination, for example, when moving an object to a certain destination. Up to Godot 3.4, the Navigation node was used to implement path finding. This was not particularly inconvenient, but the methodology for game development using it was limited and inapplicable in some areas. This time, I would like to introduce an implementation method using Navigation Server, which was added to Godot 3.5. This is a backport from Godot 4, which is currently under active development....

2022-08-16 · 8 min · Gobo

Circular Progress Bar in Godot3

Circular Progress Bar in Godot

In this article, I will show you how to create a circular progress bar. By using a circular progress bar instead of the usual portrait or landscape orientation, you can add a little accent to your screen, so please refer to this tutorial if you find a use for it. At the end of the tutorial, we will also show you some sample progress bars that are not circular (e.g., heart-shaped), so if you are interested, please take a look at them as well. The final project file for this tutorial is available at GitHub repository . If you download...

2022-08-05 · 5 min · Gobo

2D Screen Shake in Godot3

2D Screen Shake in Godot

In this article, I will explain how to implement an effect, “screen shake”, in 2D games. It is not an absolutely necessary element of a game, but if used well, it can make the player’s game experience more interactive and directly affect the user experience. For example, there are many situations where it could be used, such as when a player fires a gun, takes damage from enemies, or falls from a high place. By the way, this kind of element that is not necessary but makes the game more interesting by adding it is called “game juice” in English....

2022-07-28 · 6 min · Gobo

Advanced Match 3 Puzzle Game in Godot3

Advanced Match 3 Puzzle Game in Godot

In this tutorial, we will create an advanced match-3 puzzle game, a type of puzzle game in which one piece is moved freely on the board for a certain period of time to erase three or more pieces of the same color in a row. This is easy to understand if you imagine a puzzle game like “Puzzle & Dragons” (a.k.a. “Puzzle Dora”), which has gained popularity as a mobile game. However, the tutorial would be too large if it included all game elements such as decks, gacha, and battles with enemy characters, so we will focus on the puzzle part of the tutorial this time....

2022-07-15 · 35 min · Gobo

Match 3 Puzzle Game in Godot3

Match 3 Puzzle Game in Godot

In this tutorial, we will create a match 3 puzzle game. Match 3 is a puzzle game in which players move multiple colorful pieces evenly arranged along a grid on the board to eliminate three or more pieces of the same color in a row. This genre is particularly popular among mobile game players because it is easy to operate and enjoyable. Candy Crush, Toon Blast, and Royal Match are just a few examples of popular games. Puzzle & Dragons and LINE Tsum Tsum are also based on Match 3, although the controls are slightly different. In this tutorial, we...

2022-07-02 · 12 min · Gobo

Connecting Matching Colors Puzzle Game in Godot3

Connecting Matching Colors Puzzle Game in Godot

In this tutorial, we will explain how to create a type of game in which you trace and erase drops of the same color, like the very popular Disney Tsum Tsum smartphone game. LINE: Disney Tsum Tsum Note that the final project file in this tutorial is located in the GitHub repository . You can directly check the project by downloading the .zip file and importing the “project.godot” file in the “End” folder with the Godot Engine. Environment This tutorial was created in the following environment ・Godot version: 3.4.4 ・Compu...

2022-06-20 · 10 min · Gobo

2D Grid-based Movement in Godot3

2D Grid-based Movement in Godot

This tutorial explains how to implement “grid-based movement” in 2D games. Grid-based movement refers to the movement of objects such as characters on the game screen one grid at a time. Many puzzle games such as the popular smartphone game “Puzzle & Dragons” and the original falling game “Tetris,” as well as tactical simulation games such as the “Fire Emblem” series and “Tactics Ogre” probably employ this type of movement. On the other hand, RPGs such as the “Final Fantasy” series and the “Dragon Quest” series also use this grid-based movement when looking closely at character movement in the era of 2D graphics, when these games appeared as software for the NES and Super Nintendo....

2022-06-08 · 14 min · Gobo

Homing Missiles in Godot3

Homing Missiles in Godot

In this tutorial, we will create a homing missile in a 2D top-down shooter. A homing missile is a missile that tracks its target. Environment This tutorial was created in the following environment ・Godot version: 3.4.2 ・Computer OS version: macOS 11.6.5 To focus on the creation of the homing missile, the rest of the project has been pre-created in advance. The project file for this tutorial is located at GitHub repository . After downloading the .zip file, import the “project.godot” file in the “Start” folder into the...

2022-05-28 · 8 min · Gobo

Bullet Hell in Godot3

Bullet Hell in Godot

In this time, we will create a bullet hell aka barrage for a barrage shooting game. The bullet hell is a large number of bullets (or similar long-range attacks) like a curtain. A “bullet hell shooter” is a game in which the player shoots at and defeats enemy characters while dodging and weaving through the gaps between the bullets. Some games specialize in simply dodging the bullets. Many games are based on the motif of spaceships and fighter planes that fit the image (in this tutorial, a ground battle between a wizard and a monster though). In this tutorial, we will focus only on creating a bullet hell....

2022-05-23 · 15 min · Gobo

Four Types of Guns for Top-down Shooting in Godot3

Four Types of Guns for Top-down Shooting in Godot

In this tutorial, we are going to make four types of guns that commonly appear in 2D top-down shooters. Specifically, they are as follows. Handgun Shotgun Machine gun Laser Gun Environment This tutorial was created in the following environment ・Godot version: 3.4.2 ・Computer OS version: macOS 11.6.5 Since this tutorial will focus on gun creation, the following has been prepared in advance. 1. Game world A scene called “World.tscn” was prepared, and the appearance was simply created by adding a “TileMap” node. In addition to the “TileMap”...

2022-05-07 · 10 min · Gobo

Powerful Search Features in Godot

Powerful search features in Godot

When we develop a game, especially a big one, sometimes it may often happen that we can never find the scene which we want to edit or we cannot remember where the script file is, which we are going to edit. In this article, I am going to introduce some so powerful and useful search features with keyboard shortcuts. Once you know those, you can reduce the huge amount of time looking for something which may be the most uninteresting in the game development. In addition, you can use the search features in a much faster way instead of looking for a script file and clicking it in the file system dock, for example....

2022-04-27 · 5 min · Gobo

Project Manager of Godot3

In this article, we will introduce what you can do with the Project Manager. When Godot is launched, the first thing that appears is the Project Manager. The Project Manager is a tool for managing projects handled by Godot, including the following operations. Creating new projects Loading project files downloaded from the Web Renaming a project Removing projects that were previously managed by the Project Manager. When using Godot for the first time, a dialog box will appear as shown in the following screen shot, prompting you to open the Asset Library. The asset library can be easily accessed at any time, so choose Cancel for now....

2021-10-30 · 4 min · Gobo

Downloading Godot

Downloading Godot

What’s Godot? Godot Engine, or simply Godot, is a very popular open-source game engine that is now gaining popularity, especially in the indie game industry. A game engine is a reliable tool that handles all the complicated tasks for game developers by providing them with a system that is commonly needed in game development from the beginning so that they can concentrate on game development. For example, “displaying characters on the screen,” “sound effects sound when buttons are pressed and the screen changes,” “shining light on 3D objects and drawing shadows,” and “causing damage when a beam of light hits an enemy,” etc....

2021-10-25 · 3 min · Gobo