2D Grid Based Path Finding in Godot3

2D Grid Based Path Finding in Godot3

This article is a tutorial on how to implement grid-based path finding in 2D games using the AStar algorithm. For 2D pathfinding that is not grid-based, please refer to the article 2D Path Finding in Godot3 . I hope you will choose the article that best suits the game you want to make. The final project file in this tutorial is located in the GitHub repository . After downloading and extracting the .zip file, you can import the “project.godot” file into the Godot Engine to see the project directly. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version) Environment Godot version: 3.5 Computer OS:...

2022-09-22 · 6 min · Gobo

2D Path Finding in Godot3

2D Path Finding in Godot

This tutorial introduces Path Finding in 2D games. Path finding is a function that determines the shortest possible path from an object to its destination, for example, when moving an object to a certain destination. Up to Godot 3.4, the Navigation node was used to implement path finding. This was not particularly inconvenient, but the methodology for game development using it was limited and inapplicable in some areas. This time, I would like to introduce an implementation method using Navigation Server, which was added to Godot 3.5. This is a backport from Godot 4, which is currently under active development....

2022-08-16 · 8 min · Gobo