This is poker turned into a falling object game!

Poker, a table game loved by many in casinos, has been reborn as a falling object game! It’s called “Quick Hand Poker”! Quickly touch five objects on the screen that combine the suit and rank of playing cards to form poker hands! Aim for a high score within the time limit! Even if it’s your first time playing, don’t worry. The rules and hands of the game can be easily checked within the game!

What kind of game is Quick Hand Poker?

  • Easy operation!
    The operation is basically as simple as touching the screen! Select five objects from the falling card objects that form a poker hand! The selected five objects disappear, and new objects fall. Thus, you keep touching the objects on the screen one after another! This is almost all the operation!

  • Simple rules!
    The simple rule is to aim for a high score within the time limit (initially 30 seconds). Quickly form as rare poker hands as possible! The total of the ranks (numbers) of the selected five objects is multiplied by the multiplier corresponding to the hand, which is added as the score. In other words, the rarer the hand, the higher the score. Moreover, the rarer the hand, the longer the bonus time added to the time limit, allowing you to play the game longer and aim for even higher scores!

  • No need to know poker!
    Even if you don’t know poker hands, it’s okay. You can check the list of hands within the game, so you can pause the game and calmly check the hands! Even if you start by checking, you’ll soon memorize them while playing!

  • Great music and sound effects!
    The music is cool, so if possible, we recommend playing with the sound on! The sound effects when you touch and when you form a hand are also satisfying!

  • Boost your motivation with Game Center!
    Since it supports Apple’s Game Center, you can compete with players around the world for high scores and clear achievements, making you want to play repeatedly!

Quick Hand Poker Shot 1
Quick Hand Poker Shot 2
Quick Hand Poker Shot 3

Free Download!

You can access the “Quick Hand Poker” page from this App Store banner! It’s free to download, so please give it a try! You can also check detailed information about device compatibility on the App Store!

Privacy Policy

You can check the privacy policy of the mobile game “Quick Hand Poker” at the following link.
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